Thursday, 17 September 2015

Blast from the modelling past.

Just stumbled across the photos.
They're from a modelling convention years and years back, where a build challenge was for folk to sit down for something like 3 hours and produce either a superhero or super villain from the massive pile of figure kits, action figures and a whole variety of bits and pieces.
All we had to do was bring along our modelling tools, materials and paints.
Pic 1 is attempt quite well underway. Its long time since i've seen these photos or thought of this event, so its a bit hazy on how i went about it, but i do know the main body parts are from a Toybiz Rhino kit. The black parts i think are from the Toybiz Venom figure, and i've used a bunch of resin skulls to add a bit more going on.
Pic 2: There was a small, almost Audrey II-like head in the Venom kit, and you can see i've added it as a sort of cod piece. And i've also added Green Stuff tentacles here and there.
Pic 3: That's me priming it.
Pic 4: Starting on the painting
Pics 5, 6 & 7: The finished fella. You can see i went with him standing in a pool of gore and offal, using more of those resin skulls, and i also rolled up tiny balls of Green Stuff and painted them up as eyes, to plop onto the surface of the icky mess to add a bit more detail.

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