Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Judge Fear - lighting up

So i'm back to address the problem of how to light up Judge Fear's helmet without blinding myself in the process.
I've gone with point the LED strips straight out, so this here is one side cut and soldered in place (they're so bright, the glare is making them look yellow, but they ARE red).
Once i roughly taped them into place i was nicely surprised at how little light is bouncing back when i put it on - and there'll be pretty much none once i've covered them over inside with reflective card.
Of course, i still need to diffuse the light and, for that, i'm using a material recommended to me - that odd, tissue paper-like packing material. I've found three layers diffuses the light very well, eliminating any pinpoints of light.
The one remaining head-scratcher is - will the diffuser diffuse the light enough to cover up the fact there's no light whee i see out, as you can tell in the far right of the slot here.

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