Thursday, 9 July 2015

Artmor Project 3

Its that time of year again!
For the third year running, the Artmor Project is a go and i'm very pleased to be asked to take part again.
For those not here last time, the idea is that folk are given a set of blank Mandalorian chest plates and go off and produce a one of a kind item, that is returned and put into the Artmor Charity Auction, where folk can bid, win and hopefully raise loads of dosh for the very worthy cause.
Pic 1: So, these are the plates as they arrive.
Pic 2: This is what i did the first year - used it as a basis for a Jawa vs Sandpeople diorama
Pic 3: Last year i based it on "John Carpenters The Thing".
This year though i'm planning on staying far truer to the source, i won't say what right now but will trickle feed clues as i go :)

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