Monday, 23 March 2015

Seth the Blitzspear - underneath

Like the back half of the ship, the underside doesn't get shown much. When it does, it looks quite busy, with detail similar to that around the "eyes" (darn you Kevin O'Neil and your finetip pens).

As, like the rear, i'm thinking it won't be seen too much once its on its stand, i've not gone the very fine route here, preferring to just put on things that aren't too big as to mess up the profile, and look suitably functional.
Speaking of it being on a stand, just where its centre of gravity is is causing some concern. Of course that dictates just where i'll be drilling a hole for the rod of the stand (i want it flying and not landed, as i'd then have to figure just how it DOES land and not crush the knife thing slung underneath) and, at the moment, its just behind the "mouth" grill, which is fine.
But, when i've added the upper gun affair and the lower blade thingy, i've a horrible feeling that's going to move.

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