Thursday, 24 October 2013

Steampunk Walker

So, i'm going the Steampunk route with the ex-Star Wars Scout Walker, but how do i stop folk going "that's an ex-Star Wars Scout Walker"?
First up, i thought i'd move the cockpit from up top, to being hung underneath.
For that i'm using two hemispheres - a clear one for the front and a slightly larger on for the rear. The way i see it, i've two routes to go with this arrangement: either utilise the clear part for a rounded window and have a cockpit on view in there, or paint the whole thing and have portholes around it to have a diving bell sort of look. We'll see.
And, up top, there'll be a barrel as i mean to have the beast as a walking gun. This was my first choice, a tower from a toy space station, that i chose because its got some very Victorian looking girder and rivet work on it.
But, its far too big. Not only would it seriously affect the balance, but i thoought it'd overwhelm the rest of it.
Need to think again.


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