Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Jabba's Door Droid

I've been having a hankering just lately to have a go at another full-size Star Wars character. But who could i do that won't take up a ton of space?
Was watching the opening of "Jedi", got to the bit where the Droid's arrive at Jabba's Palace - and the light bulb pops on the moment that hatch opens and the Door Droid pops out.
"Ahhh" goes i, "I can make one of them. Its just a ball on a stick with some fairy lights"
Have since realised its a bit more than that, but that was the intial thought, along with, if i make it not too long, i could have it as a detachable door ornament, maybe in time for Halloween.
Okay, ball on a stick the. First up, the ball. Well, balls - i needed a large ball with a smaller, clear ball inside it. Eyeballing (sorry) it, and trying to gauge the "eye" next to C3PO, it looked roughly face-sized.
So i looked online and ordered two acrylic balls, 16mm and 12mm diameter, which come as snap togther hemispheres - handy i thought, as there'd be a lot of messing:

First thing i did was to spray one half of the larger ball in Grey Primer and then draw out where the "eyelids" should go. The it was a case of out with the Dremel and cut and grind and grind and cut, until the shape started to taker, er, shape:

That was a messy affair as the plastic melted into blobs as i did it, but this is where i am with this part at the moment, gradually refining the shapes with Wet & Dry:

I've also made a start on the back of the "eye" and the "neck". I knew i'd have a problem with the piuping i'd be using as its plumbing pipe and no glue sticks to that at all.
So what i did was: wrap a strip of Plasticard around the end of the pipe and glue it to itself, smear glue along the rear edge of the Plasticard and offer up the rear of the small ball to it, then i assembled both balls and judged just where the small ball should be inside the large ball, marked the pipe where the rear of the large ball was on it, took everything aprt, then put a spacer of Plasticard the right size behind the small ball and glued the rear of the large ball in place, with another strip of Plasticard behind it for added strength.
All of which leaves my with what looks like a complex Dalek plunger:

And this is where i am this morning:

You can see i'm using two sizes of piping as the Droid seems to have a thinner lengthg just before its head. I've bolted the tow toether. Oh, and i've put a plumbing piece at the end of the larger pipe to emulate the original. Next up is to try and work out the strange, almost barbaric-looking side details. And wait for the light to arrive for the inside.

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