Monday, 21 October 2013

Jabba's Door Droid - starting on the gearing

Next up on the Door Droid is the strange, almost medievial side parts. They're quite hard to make out but seem to be some sort of chain/gearing affair, with spikes all over:

The start of this section are the anchoring parts on the "neck" and the one that hangs down, and i'm using cotton reels for them.
I measured the distance between where they'd be going and drilled two holes that distance apart in some Plasticard and bolted two reels down.
I then eyeballed where the lower one in the middle would be and again bolted another reel there.
And you can i've rivetted a strip of Plasticard between the two upper one's, looped around the bottom one.
I think the original is a definete chain affair, but i'm not too bothered about using a solid strip of plastic as, with all the detail on, i don't think you'll see too much of it anyway.

And here the both of them, taken off the Plasticard sheets and bolted in place, with the lower reels Hot Glued on:

Next up is to source suitable "spikey bits" and some sort of flat, rectangular shapes that i think make up the actual gearing teeth of the device.