Monday, 26 August 2013

T.I.E Bomber - to attempt or not to attempt?

There was a boot sale in the village this morning, and I went along expecting to come back with nothing more than a few books for the Sprogs at most.
But there was this action figure-scale TIE Bomber just sat there screaming out to me to own it.
Had to have it - its a very impressive size, looks pretty accurate, and was going for only 2 quid.
Its missing the cockpit hatch, so i'll have to remake that, and i'll dig out the old Sci Fi & Fantasy Modeller magazine where a guy made a studio scale replica, to see just how much work would be needed to improve on things.
If its do-able i'll do it, if not, it reverts back to a toy for the Sprogs.

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Paul Smith said...

Nice find. I always wanted one of those