Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Finishing the Ma.K turret

With most of the detail done to the turret, I had to come up with a cowl to put over the top.
Right from the start, I knew I wanted a circular shape, or dome, to offset the hard lines of the legs, and to tie in with the round shape of the spinning top body of the main part of the lower hull.
I had it in mind to find some sort of plastic barrel or tub and cut that down but then finally got around to opening a box of kitbits that my good friend Dover Dave left for me when he came round for a garden bash recently.
Inside I found this lovely clear dome, which I guess was a clear stand for an aircraft.
It looked kind of neat offered up to the barrel, so I cut a length of plastic pipe to the right size, glued that to the barrel, then Hot Glued the dome onto the top of that:

Once the Hot Glue set, I went over it with the sticky jewels to give a nice random, blobby detail. And I added the dark green piece at the rear, something I've been itching to use literally for years - part of a 1/24th helicopter kit:

Then it was PrimeTime and i'm pretty happy how things pulled together - the dome seems to me to be a nod to a WW2 Tommy helmet, or a Dalek head, or those Pod Racer pit stop Droids, or the Thrill Suckers from the early days of 2000AD.
And i'm happy that the detail along the sides seem to look like they do something.
By the way, the very end of the rear of the barrel is just a drinks bottle top.


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