Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mantis Ship

Another project sat there in that box was this ship.
Got a bit of a convoluted story this one:
I first built it after being directly inspired by a fantastic scratchbuild i'd seen sometime back in the 90's.
And it stayed there on the shelf, only to be taken off to be photographed for this very Blog back in the early days of its existence.
And that's when Andrew Glazebrook got in touch to say that he'd built the ship in the magazine that inspired me.
Back it goes on the shelf and gets pretty much forgotten about.
Until I stumbled on it while in my first Ma.K phase and go "hey, that looks very Ma.K-like, i'll give it a repaint".
And that's the nifty green/yellow scheme its now in - but didn't go any further as I guess I lost interest in it.
So here its is back and this time I will finish it off. The little blobs of Blu Tac are still in place at the front, which are masking for windows, so all I need do is weather.
Part-wise, i'd used Andrew's fantastic idea of having the 1/24th Harrier Jump Jet engine as the main bulk of the ship, with domes in each side opening for "eyes".
There's a whole bunch of tank parts all over and you may or may not recognise the shape i'd used for the engine area, this shot makes it clearer - its the head of the Maximillian robot from "The Black Hole."


WQRobb said...

This may be juvenile on my part, but I have to say the first photo makes it look vaguely like a guy's block-and-tackle set, if you know what I mean.

Mangamax said...


Andrew Glazebrook said...

Hey, great to see this again !! :)