Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Ma.K Tank - turret redone

Okay, this is me just about done here.
I've used the much thinner piping, but kept the length the same - so instead of a tank with a unfeasibly thick barrel, its now got an unfeasibly long one.
I've done the same as before with wrapping Plasticard strips round it to attach things to, I've put on another Plasticard strip with holes in, and I've used the same sort of rod along the length of the barrel for detail and, again, small detail all over.
And with this take I've also used my trusty Go-Fasta strips for added detail and some sticky jewels for stud detail.
And I've attached it to the turret.
Next job here is to source a canopy to go over the upper area. I'm thinking something akin to a crab or turtle shell, and have to have a think as to just what I can use.

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