Monday, 22 July 2013

From The Back Of The Cabinet - Cowboy Bebop

Having a bit of a clearout, I stumbled my very dusty kits of the two craft from the 1998 Anime, Cowboy Bebop.
I'd totally forgotten about them, and the show too, but I thought i'd dust them off and have a share with you.
The Anime they're from is great tale, a tale of a bunch of bounty hunters in the far flung future - action packed, witty and stylish and still holds up well now - I put a few episodes on to refresh.
The show also has some terrific hardware and, for a short time, IP kits were available.
This one is our hero Spike's craft, the Swordfish II:

A lovely design and a lovely, intricate, model - a lot of the craft in the show can jettison the cockpit as an escape pod and that's been replicated here. Once the ball come out, it even hinges open to allow Spike to get out:

My favourite ship though is the brilliant Red Tail, Faye's craft:

A superb design which too has a detachable ball:

As I say, a great show that's not aged much at all. Heartily recommend tracking it down for a viewing, the opening credits give an indication of how stylish it is:


John Lambshead said...

Not seen those before. Fun models.

Mattias Darrow said...

I love that show! I just recently managed to pick up the whole series on DVD (sans movie, unfortunately) for 15 bucks!

Those are some sweet models. Personally, I like the swordfish best of all.

See you Space Cowboy