Friday, 19 July 2013

Back To Basics - The Trollenberg Terror/ The Crawling Eye

Thought i'd start up another of my ever-infrequent subjects and this one a reaction to the pretty much now total use of CGI for effects in film - a look back on days when some fantastic effects were achieved with nothing more than sellotape, glue and a tub of plaster.
First up, The Trollenberg Terror (in the US: The Crawling Eye), a terribly over-looked piece of horror, very unfairly so, what with its depiction of the aliens.
Their design and execution was down to the UK effects God Les Bowie, who achieved the startling, even to this day, aliens.
There's no actual documentation on how his crew did it but the close-ups of the eye look very natural, along with the sliminess over them. There's some thought that they may have used rubber for the body, with either a false eye, or even a real one - not so unlikely, given that he'd used animal entrails for The Quatermass Experiment.
There#s even some speculation that he used the stomach of a cow for the main bulk, and an actual animal eye in the centre, using a balloon underneath the surface to give the undulating effect.
Personally, don't give a tinkers cuss - it looks fantastic up there on-screen all these years later -and that's all that matters.

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