Thursday, 6 June 2013

Jabba's Palace - Hermi Odle and some tables.

Running out of characters now for this project, so guess I've got to address some of the boring parts.
You don't get much more boring than these tables - all three the same, all with a plate, cup and vase. For a bit of variety I've done the various items in different colours and then dirtied every thing down.
Hermi Odle looks to be at first a standard big muppet creation: a big guy in a big muppet costume wandering around to great effect as in the tv show.
But, those rags, those pale yellow eyes and whatever the heck that is coming out of his mouth notches him up way above some his more muppet-like cohorts in Jabba's court, and more into Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and borderline horror film character i'd say.
A superb design, that I wish we'd seen more of in Jedi.

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