Sunday, 2 June 2013

Gonk Droid - starting basecoating.

Been a long while since I've gone anywhere near to this project. And that's because I've needed a day at home where the weathers going to be 100% dry while the paint, er, dries.
And that's today.
So, here we are then with the top half done. I knew I wanted a brown or tan colour for the basecoat, as its a Tatooine Power Droid, and quite light as to show up the later weathering and dirtying down.
So a trip to Halfords got me a can of "Peugeot Blaze Yellow". Something i'd not counted on is that all their brown tones are metallic but that's okay isn't it? Its a Droid after all and, with all the muck i'm about to start throwing on it, don't think it'll be too noticible when done.

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