Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Gonk Droid - change of plan

Right, since the last post for the Gonk Droid build, I've had a change of plan colour-wise.
The metallic brown i'd chosen just wasn't working out as I hadn't counted on it being translucent - two 6.99 cans along and it was barely covering, and still showing the scratches and scribbles i'd done on the Grey Primer.
So have decided to go with the same sort of colours as seen in the one in the Sandcrawler, using Grey Primer for the basecoat. So here it is in that:

Next up was a very sloppy wash of black:

And the bit i'd enjoying on my Sandtrooper build - the dirtying down:

What I've done so far is pretty crude, so got to go in now with smaller brushes just to pick out details and refine things more.