Sunday, 14 April 2013

The return of the Ice Warriors

I've pretty much given up on new-Who, i gave it plenty of chances to evolve away from the noisy, shouty, silly soap opera that was being dished out to us but enough's enough and i prefer now to go back to the 60's/70's if i want to see the Timelord. The other reason is that every time they've reintroduced a classic old alien race, they've messed up - either annoying but not too bad (Sontarans), or big-time cock-up (Cybermen). So, i took the decision before Christmas to not watch any more. A shocking thought to think and one i'm sure the 12 year-old me would be horrified by. But i've been let down too much. But, the Ice Warriors were back yesterday. Always liked them and, for me, they're one of the Pertwee-eras greatest baddies. So i thought i'd give it a go, expecting to be hacked off. But i wasn't. Good story, a very slight tweeking of the design that is really rather good, handled very well, and the new development to their race is maybe a first for new-Who - a logical step that fits in and doesn't jar nor contradict anything that's already been established. Most of the credit goes to writer Mark Gatiss, who grew up with classic Who and who's love for the show is well known, and top marks for the effects team. Personally, best story since the Doc came back.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

I caught a bit of this episode, but still not a huge fan of Matt Smith or the direction Moffat has taken the show, I prefer the Eccleston then Tennant shows !!