Monday, 15 April 2013

Hornethopter - updates

Thought i'd bung the eye lenses in today - and what a nice surprise that was, they are actually lenses rather than just clear domes and magnify the detail inside and work very well indeed.

I've also stuck the control dials to the unit, apinting that black and gold to match.

Getting near the end now, figured it was time to start on the Pilot. Here he is assmbled and primed. No bother there, just a bit of filler at the shoulders. He comes with brass seat belt and buckle. Very fine work and someone's gone to a lot of trouble to produce them. But don't really see the point as they won't be seen at all once he's seated. Ditto the control stick. And he comes with legs too - odd in that there's no room for them at all. Guess the option is there for you to use them should you decide to use him somewhere else.

Had a bit of a shock when i rummaged in the box for the lenses - also in the bag was a windscreen, something i'd not noticed on the box photo and its not mentioned in the instructions. So i've started painting that up.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

Looks superb mate !!!