Saturday, 27 April 2013

Ma.K Tank - basis

So here we have those foamboard legs clad in Plasticard and stuck equal distances round the spinning top. I've blended the joins with P38 but i haven't been too thorough about it because of the next step.
Figure there's two ways i can go with the next step - (1) Try to emulate many Ma.K vehicles, in that they're very curvy, being a matter of covering everything with filler and sanding it into shape, (2) Go the other way and have a mass of machinery all over.
I'm going with (2) as sanding down isn't my favourite past time so will be covering most of the filler seen here with lots of piping and other details.
Another wee bit of progress was to attach this upturned Ovaltine lid as the basis of the gun turret. I've capped it with a ring of Plasticard and bolted both bits to the top for extra strength.

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