Monday, 22 October 2012

Nurgle Fighter - getting away more from the Stuka

Bit more progress on this one for you today. I had to fill the back of the AR-170 cockpit window and decided to cut down the Stukas one and glue the rear where it should have been all along. That left quite a gap and, as you can see here, i've filled the whole area with P38.
I've not done a complete job, as i planned to have that area covered by a living bio-mass that piggybacks the craft, giving instructions to the pilot within. So that's what i did
I also trailed the bio-mass down towards the tail and, while still soft, pressed in a couple of tiny wings to be some sort of stabilisers. Did it that way to try and convey the mass is engulfing the craft and the wings were peeking out of it. You can also see some new, white pieces to the hull - all from the Airfix Space Shuttle kit.

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