Monday, 1 October 2012

Brampton Show

Attended that yesterday and it was pretty much the same thing as last time, with the same amount of stalls and the same vendors attending. As last year, our table was the only devoted SF one, although there was a smattering of spacecraft on display on others and, there being only me and Alun and Rich on ours, we were limited to what we could bring, therefore display:
Centrepiece of our table, and the top thing folk took notice of by far, was the start of the 2013 Crewe Model Show item - the Star Wars Hanger Build:
The idea is folk build a 1/72nd Star Wars rebel ship and they're all brought together for the show next year in a massive hanger set, peopled by ground crew and support droids etc. This is just the start of it, featuring my X-Wing, Alun's X and Y-Wings, Rich's primed Y-Wing, Alun's Snow Speeder and my Escape Pod - which i'd brought along, not knowing if it is 1/72nd, but seems to fit ok. Anyway, they've been set off a treat by Alun's EXCELLENT work on the hanger bay. It sure does look worthy of a filming miniature doesn't it? Link to the build here: The other thing of note was that Jonathen Dewar was again there. I'll ramble about him in a minute but sticking to the show, he had last year a stunning Perseus and said at the time that he intended to have Medusa next to the hero, her head cut off, flying through the air, and the head attached only by spraying blood. Happy to see that he's accomplished that seemingly impossible feat in spades. Take a look at this:
Its achieved by Jonathen joining the head to the shoulders by the strongest wire he could find, so strong he could only bend it in the vice, and then covering the wire in the blood. Its an amazing bit of work, made even more so when feeling the head and realising that's no hollow or vac-form piece, but a pretty hefty item. Even more amazing is that he didn't stop at the two figures, but made an incredible setting for them, complete with turned to stone soldier.
More details on this fantastic piece of work can be found on Jonathen's newly-established site: Tagging along with Jonathen was Ray, Garage Kit uber-fan and authority and all round nice bloke, who'd brought along his original design Alien riff. It was pretty incredible - why has no-one before thought of the head being flexible like and eel and facehuggers for hands? Even more incredible is that this is Ray's FIRST ATTEMPT at sculpting. I'll change that - i hate him:

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