Thursday, 4 October 2012

Eldar Warlock Titan

Okay, the first up of old metal miniatures to populate the Space Marine game is one i was after waaaay back then but, as this was before there was a GW shop in town and i had to get mine from Boot The Chemist and therefore stuck with their limited range, i never had the chance to buy. This is how he came, stripped back down to the metal and primed, with the torso unglued to the legs and with the wings not stuck on:
As the fella i'd bought the game from had done most of the work painting the troops, i decided to just stick with that colour scheme for the rest of the army, which is fine as i like that blue/yellow combination. You can see here i've followed it though on the Grav Tanks and have made a start on the Titan:
Its not clear in this shot, but the yellow is actually three different shades and then washed with brown and then glossed. And here's where i am today, the bulk of the bodywork done, the gems that are all over it picked out in white for a good base, and the gun arm still in primer. Not sure what colour i'll be doing that, all i do know is that it'll be different from the rest of it.

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