Saturday, 14 April 2012

Sandtrooper - moving on well now

Right, here's the rear of the two pairs of seed trays attached to the frame.
Things didn't go quite to plan with first attaching the aluminium bars though...
I thought, as there looks to be a LOT of weight with the gubbins that attach to the seed trays, that it'd be best to attach the bars to the frame with nuts and bolts rather than the rivets used in the tutorial i'm following.
All well and good and i was happy with the result - except, there's zero clearance between the trays and the frame, which meant i had no choice but have the bolt head on that side. Which means the nut and rest of the bolt would be on the frame side, and stick out quite a bit. Which i'm thinking would be a problem over time, digging into the armour and maybe damaging it.
So, change of tack then and i've used rivets a la the tutorial. That was an experience as i've never held one before, let alone use one.
But everything worked out fine. Thinking though i might just reinforce the joins by smearing some E6000 at the joins just for luck.
Anyway, as i say, there's the two rear seed trays attached. The top one has the grey primer/satin black coat that i'm doing for most of the backpack.
The bottom trays were a bit of a head scratcher as, back in '76, its was Humbrol enamel Light Blue #47 that was used, a paint still readily available in model shops - but only in those teeny tiny pots and not in spray form.
Again i'm indebted to Nathan, who pointed me in the direction of Bermuda Blue, which i found no probs in Halfords - "Ford Bermuda/Light Blue"
PS - note authentic Tatooine beastie guarding the rack from any Sprogs approaching

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