Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sandtrooper - backpack nearly done

Top pic is the the top seed tray cover. I've got a small glich here in that, while Pete's supplied wipe bottles are just right diameter-wise, they're not quite tall enough for this one - the bowl that goes on top sits on the radio top rather than standing slightly away from it. So i just need to find a spacer to go on top of the bottle, then the bowl goes on top of that. You can see on the box on the left that there's electrical tape in a cross pattern. They're on the original and i'm guessing were there to just hold the box lid on but, having to as accurate as possible in the 501st, they have to be duplicated Next pic the lower tray and I've got another small glitch in that none of the rivets supplied with the riveter are long enough to go through the tray, across the gap between it and the cistern, and into the cistern. So i've got find longer or try another way. Again more of that tape on the seed tray. Finally, its a great relief to finish the slog of cutting out the ABS and sadning the edges smooth of these parts.

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