Thursday, 26 April 2012

Imperial Probe Droid - nearly there

Right, the only real change i had to make to this really quite accurate toy was the top of the head which, for some reason, had a totally inaccurate centre to it: I snipped that off and put on a quite low profile button, which seemed to do the trick. Only other change was to drill a couple of holes for the antenne and, for them, i've used fuse wire. Once that was done, it was on with a coat of Grey Primer, followed by a grey from the GW Foundation range (sorry, used it all up now and chucked the pot away), followed by a drybrush of that with White. That's been a real surprise researching that bit - from the film, i always had it that the Droid was a glossy metallic, but the minature is actually a rather matt-like grey affair. Alright with that, as it'll make the gloss black "eyes" stand out even more.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

You simply love probing things !!!!