Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Under The Influence - 4

Being born in '62, guess i was just the right age for when Irwin Allen's output was first released.
Loved The Time Tunnel - though that was more down to a prepubescent crush on Lee Merriwether.
Ditto Land Of The Giants and Heather Young.
Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea i was interested in only if it had monsters in it - you could keep all your Cold War boringness.
But Lost In Space was my favourite because, well, it was in space. Every week. With monsters.
Looking at it now (and i can only bear the occasional Season 2 episode), its pretty duff stuff, with duff plots, duffer acting and even duffer makeup effects.
Except for these two, and the reason for the shows inclusion here.
Up until this point, it'd never occured to me that anything on the telly could be scary.
But these two were, and still get a reaction out of me now.
First up, "The Golden Man". Watch the episode and its pretty bad. But this guys lop-sided face and, especially the wonky eyes, was like nothing i'd ever seen before:

And then we have "The Cyclops", a truely scary creation which, unlike pretty much ever other monster on the show, was lit and photographed well:

So popular was he that he spawned this kit which, alas, i've never owned, rather just pined for it over the ads in DC comics:

Thought you might like to see a shot of the guy who played him, Lamar Lundy:

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