Thursday, 3 November 2011

Cylon Raider - gaps

The ship arrived safe and sound and its just as i remembered it - nice and big and quite well detailed.
Having said that, there are areas that are more detailed than others and the lacking parts could do with a few greeblies put on.
So that's what i'll do.
I've also got to cover up the holes in the front where the missles fired out (this kit didn't come with them, so makes it the later re-release).
And i have to address the bad gaps that i remembered.
This one's not too bad, being a small gap at the top of the cowls:

But this is the worst culprit:

The engine parts are just these two squares just sat there, with nothing behind them, meaning you can see right to the other end of the ship.
So, will be putting some blanking plates in with a bunch of detail to convey the inner workings.

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