Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Cylon Raider - ready for paint

Nice bit of progress here.
I've covered the holes at the front where the rockets used to go with a couple of engine nozzles from, i think, a 1/72nd Tornado:

And i've covered up the gappy engine area. I blanked it off with Plasticard and then had to decide what to do with those rather daft looking engines just sitting there. Looking on the Net, a lot of folk seem to prefer to put in a baffle arrangement, so i've done the same, cutting down a cable tie for each side. Used them rather than more Plasticard as i figure the ribbing will give a bit more detail:

And here you can see i've put extra pieces down in that trench affair between the two wings parts and added those tiny clear red pieces. The two together there are to try and get across a similar feature that's on the studio model.

Finally, here she is in Halfords Grey Primer. I've been umming and ahhing over what the top caot will be as, looking around, folk seem to do them anything from dark grey, through all the shades of grey, up almost to cream.
I was planning on going with Tamiya JA Grey meself, figuring the Primer would be far too dark.
But, quite like it as is.
So i'm staying with it.

Incidently, there's a gap as you can see at the rear of the canopy. That's because i've only Blu Tac'd it in place as, hopefully, one day i can get a clear canopy and cockpit set.

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