Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Joker

So, finishing off my Vampire Batman had two effects - (1) getting me back into the fella, hence the Bat-Blog (2) giving me an itching to do a figure kit after a LONG time of nothing but hardware building.
Thought i'd combine the two as, oddly, the Joker is a character i've never attempted in the past.
For me, if i'm choosing a kit of the fella, top of the list is this stunna produced by Horizon waaaay back.
Its clearly based on Brian Bolland's "Killing Joke" incarnation, which for me is about definitive.
So real chuffed to get one - but am even more chuffed to see in the raw vinyl what a stunning likeness there is on the face. You'll have to trust me on this for now as the whiteness of the material will make any close up a complete waste of time.
Here you can see the component parts. I'm going to do away with the rather clumsy flower, electing instead to pay the craft shop a visit for a substitute. First buy though is some Plaster Of Paris to fill those hollow legs.


The Angry Lurker said...

Look forward to it, how did the viper do in the show.

Mangamax said...

Ah, that's not for another coupla weeks - but will let you know 8)