Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Galactica Viper - off we go again

Can get back on track now with this build as i've hust received the excellent replacement decal sheet - cheers Mark.
As you may recall, a group build is going on over on the SFMUK site where we all build one of these new Viper kits, with new markings and all will be displayed as a squadron at a model show next year.
The decal sheet to enable that is for ships in the Spitfire Squadron, out of the Battlestar Excalibur.
Mark's done a brilliant job with these new decals, which work in conjunction with the existing sheet. All that's changed is the striping, the name of the mother ship and the pilots name - in my case i get my own plus my most used Net ID as my call sign. And some neat kill marks.
Looking forward to sealing all these in so i can crack on with the dirtying down.


Tony said...

WOW - A group build of Vipers, a real nest of snakes!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

You've got more ships getting built there than Utopia Planitia !!!