Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Sov Judge

So, looking around for parts to start off a couple of projects and still on the rummage for bits for the Slab Ship.
But, for the first time in a couple of years i guess, i've a hankering to do a figure.
But what?
Had a rummage through my den and came up with a nice simple project - not original though as i've seen someone do this before.
Here you can see my old Halcyon Judge Anderson, which has had a bit of accident and the extra head and shoulders from my Iria kit.
The idea is to combine the body of Anderson with the head and cape to produce a Sov City Judge.
Pretty darn easy as the Sov version of the shoulder pads will be hidden. The article i saw on doing this before had the guy cut away the cape to reveal more of the body, but that would mean sculpting a new badge and belt buckle - something i'm not too confident at doing.
So will be keeping the cape as is, and the only bits of Anderson that'll be seen are her right arm, left boot and right leg. Which'll be fine as the Sov elbow pads, gloves, knee pads and boots are the same as Mega City's, except red.
As i say, a pretty simple little job. Of course, i'm down an Anderson figure then, but i was never really a fan of the pose and the face, while certainly being correctly based on Debbie Harry, had far too sunken cheeks.
And it does mean i finally get to use the really rather nice Iria piece, rather than let it collect dust in the bits box.

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