Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Mega City One

Again on the 2000AD Forum, there's a "Location, Location, Location" contest - do your own backdrop from one of the strips.
This is mine and it was pretty easy to do.
Street and buildings made out of Foamboard and then tons of kitbits and toy parts for detailing, so of which are: the grid thing top left is a holder from my Mach 3 razor. The door below that is a top from a milk carton. The big ball thing on the right is half a container from an Anime toy.
I wanted a shop front in there and had an odd deformed pairs of lips whistle in the bits box so repainted it and that became the focus of - what else? - Jaggers Emporium.
I needed to people it, so here we have the Foundry Minatures Dredd and Alpha facing off in the street. The bystanders are a mix of figures i've collected over the years, including a couple of the old Games Workshop Judges.
The craft are, on the left, a solid resin jobbie and, on the right, the ship i made from the engine of the 1/24th Airfix Harrier.

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Silar said...

Great model. I was a huge fan of the gw Judge Dread games. It's such a shame they still don't make it.
Keep up the great work, I enjoy reading your posts.