Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A couple of potential projects

Fret not my modelling chums, i'm still around.
Not much from me just lately, mainly due to my needing neato, tiny bits for my Slab Ship, but can't justify the 20 quid plus for the Tamiya kit to provide them.
So, eyes are roving for something new to start and i've in mind two 2000AD-themed one's.
One of them is Shakara's ship seen here.
Thought it'd be a doddle - make the basic shape out of Plasticard and sculpt the unusual prow right?
Not that simple when you see from the rear shot that its actually more of a handle shape rather than a long box affair.
Not being up to making such a shape, i'm lurking in hardware and homegoods stores looking for a suitable donor.
Will keep you posted.
Second project i may or may not do, again its a matter of being able to find the right materials, so i'd rather not waste mine or your time inposting about it if i don't give it a go.


Blitzspear said...

I was just thinking i'd not seen much from you lately mate. Glad your still thinking and a planning.
Now what the hell is this from? it must be before i started reading 2000ad or after i gave up on it.

Mangamax said...

Still around, but the modelling bug has been overtaken by the reading and writing one at the mo'. Shakara is recent 2000AD and highly worth taking a look at - up there with Kevin O'Neil's barminess and genius of his Nemesis.
There's a graphic collection of the first two volumes called "Shakara The Avenger" that'd do the job nicely of informing/inspiring you.

Blitzspear said...

Thanks, i thought it had a Nemesis look to the art work. I'll keep an eye out for it.