Monday, 11 May 2009

Terminator Salvation Official Companion

Bought this this morning and just had a flick through over a coffee. Looking REAL good and happy to say they're not only using full-size puppets for the Endoskeletons, but there's a fair amount of modelwork to augment the CGI (the way it should be in my opinion. The only niggle i ahve from just a brief skim is that doesn't seem to be any difference between the T-600's, T-800's etc - the heads seem to be the same and there's just a change in body shape. Was expecting something far cruder in the 600's, to match the crudeness of its skinjob. Its just a niggle though, am really looking forward to the film and hopefully we'll get some nice kits released - the Harvester especially.
As an aside, thought you might like to see my Naked Terminator which i made years ago and seems much more relevant now.

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Blitzspear said...

That looks like a must buy for me, i'm about half way into the original comics taht came out after the 2nd film.