Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Shield Ship

A REALLY good source of scratcbuild parts are childern. They have great, bulky toys that break frequently and can offer up all manner of bits and shapes.
Case in point, this spinning top dome. I've had it ages and always wanted to do something with it.
Had another 14 hour shift at work by myself on Sunday so figured i'd take something to model. Most of my projects are at the far too delicate stage so plumped for this, and here you can see what i've come up with.
Its hard to tell, what with it being clear, but so far its just a matter of Go Fasta stripes for panelling, some ribbed Plasticard, a couple of circular things from a Tamiya tank and the top hatch to a Fine Molds TIE Fighter.
Design-wise, i've been inspired by the ships in the excellent "Sunshine", that is, big dome at the front and living quarters behind it. Mine'll be much thinner though - imagine the proportions of a drawing pin and you're getting there. Figure the shield would be a barrier for getting though asteroids, or radiation, or whatever. So its going to be a real beat-up paintjob.
As i say, kids toys are great. This dome is big and injection plastic - how much'd that cost from EMA?

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