Friday, 8 May 2009

Space 1999 Hawk

Again, apologies for the quality of the pics today, but the sun coming in through the window is really upsetting the camera.
Anyway, thought you might like to see this - its the Aifix version of the craft that i've modifed slightly to make it more accurate. I say slightly as i could've done more but, at this scale, a lot of it would've been a lot of effort for little real reward.
So here i've added more tubing to the underisde, cut off the hemispheres at the rear and put on proper balls and added more in the way of detail. As is say, at this scale it'd be real tricky to get anything like the right detail, but i'm happy that what i've done is in keeping with what's on the studion model and is an improvement of just building it out of the box.

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Andrew Glazebrook said...

2 very iconic craft !! Super work again !!