Saturday, 10 January 2009

Krote and Gustav - painting underway

I've always found the Gustav to be a bit of a boring design and the guy peering out of the open canopy has always looked a bit naff.

The usual Panzer grey doesn't make it anything other than dull too. But i've found that, with the canopy in place, it actually looks a lot better so that's what i've gone with. I wanted to brighten up the colour scheme so i went:

Basecoat of Vallejo Luftwaffe Grey,

then GW Astrnomican Grey splogged all over,

and to busy it up - GW Bad Moon Yellow as identifying bands.

Next stop some decals before rusting it up.

The Krote has been washed with a black/basecoat mix. I've picked out the metallics and washed them with black .Again, decals next before MUCH rust.

With both kits i applied Mr Surfacer, but only one coat. That gives a subtle texture but not as much as i'd have liked on the Gustav.Rather than apply more coats and wait for each to dry, i've instead splodged on Liquetex Gel Medium to give a really bubbled up texture, which you can just make out in the pic