Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Krote and Gustav - basecoated

Here they are, and they've come out a bit different to how i planned.

For a start, the Mr Surfacer i applied isn't that noticible. I could've applied more layers of the stuff, but the new Gans arrived at this point and i want to get these quite a way under way as i start on the new kit.

Also, my original plan was to have the Krote here in a camo pattern and all beat up and rusty, and the Gans in a plain, Scorpion Green scheme and have them displayed together, implying that the Gans was the new kid on the block and replacing the well past it Krote.

But the Gans comes with a lovely winter scheme on the camo card and i'm going with that. So the Krote gets the single colour - and here it is, GW Catchan Green.

The Gustav is based in Vallejo Luftwaffe Grey, which is very dark, but i'm going to lighten it right up.