Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Alien Derelict - a stumbling block

You may remember this - a ship i'm building based loosely on one Martin Bower did for the brilliant "Dragons Domain" episode of Space 1999.

I'm happy with the engine area, which you can see here is nearly done.

The command module will be made from these two EMA hemispheres, but if i just glue them together, it'll look like 2001's Discovery and i don't want that. Looking for a spacer the right size to put between them to make a more interesting shape. But that's taking time.

Biggest set back though are the "wings". There are toe be 4 of them and they're very similar to the 3 on the Liberator in that they end in tubular shapes.

Trouble is, until i get the shapes, i can't make the wings.

And i can't put the engine on till the wings are in place.

And i can't detail the length of the ship until all that lot are in place as, you can here, the only places i can stick them is where i've wrapped Plasticard round the drain pipe. And i'm worried they'll ping off with all the handling.



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