Saturday, 28 June 2008

Alien Derelict - Command Module

Blimey, two post in one day!

Here we are with the microphone taken apart, the end cut off (note the right mess of that. Will cover it up with Plasticard), labels washed off and everything glued back again.

I'm halfway through putting on panels to break up the bare surfaces and i've also bunged on a cable tie.

Just starting to put on some kitbits.

Second pic is the inside. What's brilliant about using this mic is that glue sticks so well. On the diaphram there you'll see and engine nozzle from the Starfury kit. I'm going to put a few more bits and pieces in there too. Haven't made up my mind whether this part is a weapon or some sort of intake.

What's also brilliant about this mic is that it fits really snuggly over the main body.

Its all going very well.

Won't last...

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