Friday, 13 June 2008

Alien Derelict - pods - part 1


The tubes don't take to superglue at all. So, how to attach them to the Plasticard wings i'm gonna make?

The wings are gonna be too thin to drill and place pins into so i'm instead gonna wrap the tubes in very thin Plasticard then glue onto that.

First thing to do though is cover up all the manufactures logos etc that are on the base, which will be facing forward on the ship.

How to do that?

Well, if i cap each off with a dome shape, i can cheat by putting a self-tapper into each tube then fill the dome with P38 filler and squish the two together.

The P38 fills the dome nice and snug and sticks very well to the protruding screw. A nice easy way out of that one.

Here you can see me just about to mix up the P38. I've decided to use 4 different domes as i intend it to be an alien ship, therefore no symetetry if i can help it.

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