Friday, 14 March 2008

Star Fury - oh dear...

So, get the kit all finished and primed up in Halfords Grey Plastic Primer. Thoughts turn then to how to paint it. The main factor in that is the decal set that i'd got from Starship Modeller.

I really like it - but had a fear that it won't stand out too well with the grey primer.

So, overspray the grey with white.

So far so good.

While looking at Star Furies that other folk had made, i really liked how some had painted up the engine's in a different colour. So thought i'd have a go - but what colour? The witch has orange and black tights so figured i'd carry that through.

So, painted them orange as you can see here. Very cartoon -like but figured it'd look better dirtied down...

Give the engines a wash of black and really liked how the engine's turned out.

But - the orange looked rubbish.

So, going to spray it white again and have a rethink.

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