Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Martin Bower

Bit of a plug here:

"Martin Bower's World Of Models" is to be an on-going magazine devoted to the craft, dioramas and props created by Martin over the last 30+ years.
Unlike articles up till now, these are totally written by Martin and are THE most indepth accounts of how a subject is created - from the initial idea through construction, painting and weathering.
Written with the modeller in mind, the magazines will build up into the definitive reference works of his work.Each issue will have at least three articles, most featuring exclusive never seen before photos (the article on the Battlecruiser from Space 1999's "Last Enemy" will have photos that Martin himself had not seen since 1969 and completely forgotten!).
The negatives of the photos have been cleaned up and are the purist and clearest that they've ever been.
The first issue is being put together now, the initial trail mock-up cover is in the link below, and will have three LARGE articles plus some bonus features.One of which will be a "Ask Martin" piece.This is a chance for you to have any questions on Martin's work answered by Martin himself.
Simply send your question via SFMUK (again, details in the link) and hopefully you'll be in print in a subsequent issue!
Thanks for your time!

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