Sunday, 9 March 2008


So, i'm bored. Need new tiny kitbits for the Tanks legs, waiting for parts for the Powered Suit, inks drying on the base for it and the Postie never delivered the kits i need to carry on with the Derelict.

But still want to build something. So knocked this up last night.

The front is the cap off of a Lenor bottle with a Tau ship bit stuck on front and the red thing is from the kids toy box. I've put some panelling around the far end.

The engine section is something i've had lying around for a long time. I'd had it all built and detailed ready for a project that i then gave up on. Bonus is the kit bits are already on and it fits snugly into:

the centre section. A tube from a hamster exercise expansion range. These are great - very cheap and styrene too. Downside is that the lovely spaced ridging is on the inside so you can see i've started putting on panel lines to busy it up a bit.

I'm thinking of keeping detailing to a minimum as i plan on fitting external tanks to the hull at some point.

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