Friday, 14 December 2007

Female Samurai Predator


Turned up from Thailand today, expertly packed in tow seperate boxes.

Seen a few Narin Preds built and painted by Dave Daines while up at DAR07 and they really go me in mind to have one of my own.

After checking out his range, this lady was the one that appealed the most - i haven't got a female version, its a great pose, the base is top notch and i wanted a Pred with mandibles closed.

Checking out the raw resin, its a brilliant sculpt cast very well - only the smallest of seamline down the sides.

She's huge too - 1/5th - and so are her baps. They didn'y look THAT big in the pics. Do Preds have wonderbras???

I'm really pleased with the dead Alien. Very Bisley with that massive jaw.

Expect updates soon as i can't wait to get started - and i'm now on holiday for 8 days. Hurrah again!


Andrew Glazebrook said...

This looks super !!

Anonymous said...

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