Friday, 28 December 2007

Falcon - pastelling started

The bit i've been looking forward to for a long time now.

As you can see, i've only the lefthand side to do - and it shows how the pastelling can really take back the brightness.

Its not strictly accurate weathering - i had the Sculpting The Galaxy and Star Wars Archives books open in front of me - as the studio models didn't have an awful lot really, just a matter of straks across panels.

But i really like each panel line to be highlighted, so that's what i did. Not really got any qualms over it as, even though i've used an accurising kit, its still nowhere near what it should look like.

If i had the Fine Molds version it'd be a different story.
Anyway, the pastelling is just a coupla greys to block in the shading, black in the centre of that and various browns to warm things up. Orange for rust too.
The trouble i have with pastelling is that there's never any true blacks to give a bit of contrast - everythings very pastelly.
So this is just the start. Once done and sealed, i'll be putting in washes of blacks and stuff, airbrushing below the 6 round engine things and put in the metallics.

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