Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Star Wars T-21 Blaster

While i'm in the mood for building big, here's the next undertaking.

Always loved this unfeasably large weapon so its the logical choice if i'm gonna build a 1:1 prop.

Online tutorials don't seem to exist but i did find a full-scale blueprint so printed that out.

I drew on tracing paper the stock, trigger assembly and main body, and passed them on to a friend who's dad very good at working with wood.

All i wanted was to see if it was do-able, thinking if it was then i'd give him sheets of MDF the build up to the right thickness.

Not only could he do, he did it right away - using quality maple to boot.

Top bloke!

So here are the 3 sections. Next step is sand and make the stock and grip rounded. The its details the thing and bung the 4 inch soil pipe on the front.

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