Thursday, 5 July 2007

Tie Fighter 3

This is after going down my tried and tested route:

Pick out all the panel lines in pencil. This looks horrible as the pencil lines look far too shiny against the matt grey.

Then go over a lot of the panels with pastels. I use a mix of black, grey and a small amount of brown to warm it up a bit, always mixing them up before applying and changing the ratios so there's a fair bit of variation.

You might be wondering what the blue sausages up top are. They're rolls of Blu Tac that i used for masking the upper windows before priming. i'd stupidly removed them after,forgetting that i'd have to seal the pastels with Matt Varnish, so had to bung some more on.

The Matt Varnish is also used to get rid of the shiny pencil lines.

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