Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Colour me chuffed

Was well pleased that D'israeli put a coupla pics up on his blogsite a while back.
One was of my Living Axe and the other of my Martian - which i cribbed the eyes and ear for from his excellent design from Scarlet Traces (pictured here).
If you've never read them, his and Ian Livingstons work based on War Of The Worlds are highly recommended.
At the mo they are:

War Of The Worlds - adapatation of the book.

Scarlet Traces - sequel to the book, set in 1908 showing what the humans did with the Martian technology and what the goverment are doing with the last Martian

The Great Game - set in 1938, with Britain taking the War to Mars.

As i say, HIGHLY recommended. As is the fellas site:

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