Friday, 27 July 2007

Oh dear...

So, i'm up in my mums attic today looking for things to flog on eBay.Wells nearly dry there so i'm getting to the bottom of boxes and opening plastic bags - and what do i find?Loads of sprues and kit parts (especially Saturn V), which i'm chuffed about as my bits box is running seriously low and i can't justify buying a kit just for a few greeblies.The reason they're up there is that around the time of Empire Strikes Back being released i got into kit bashing big-time.Trouble was, i didn't just use "virgin" parts and would break apart a model to cannabilse them for parts.So i was sticking already painted parts onto already painted parts, most of the time with no thought as to scale, or whether it fitted in.I might've just covered a shell with glue and thrown bits at it.

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